Future of Retail Pharmacy

One constant about pharmacy is change. Both the profession of pharmacy and the business of pharmacy are constantly changing. Educational requirements, scope of responsibilities, and sophistication of skill sets required to be a pharmacist continue to grow.  The competitiveness in the healthcare marketplace has intensified with the emergence of limited product distribution, preferred networks, and outcomes-based payments. Both chains and independents face these business challenges. For both groups, the strong will only get stronger.  The pressure to expand service offerings and service quality will not diminish.  Investments in these improvements must be equally balanced with savings realized through labor efficiencies, expense control, and strong asset management. Because of this constant, yet ever-evolving change in professional and business practices business plans must be constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure the business continues to properly anticipate and meet customer/patient needs. PMC can provide you the needed guidance to select the best means to harvest success.  With PMC assistance and you exercising the PIE principle (Plan, Implement, and Evaluate) you can successfully keep pace with today’s ever changing environment.