You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

When you look at all possible knowledge it can be divided into 3 portions. From the smallest to the largest they are:

  • what you know
  • what you know you don’t know
  • what you don’t know you don’t know

One of the ways you can grow the portion of knowledge that you do know is to invest in you. If you haven’t done so already, invest in a membership to a trade association and a professional organization. Make an investment of your time by attending a national trade show. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Besides seeing the latest technology and business solutions available, there are many other benefits to attending such an event. Opening your eyes to new possibilities, re-invigorating your enthusiasm, and equipping you with new tools to improve your professional and business skills are just a few of the benefits. These shows are excellent forums to network with peers and other business professionals. You’ll learn from your discussions, and spawn new relationships. Next time you see an advertisement or receive a flyer for one of these trade events, take a second look. These are opportunities to invest in you, your biggest asset.

When you make an investment of money and time to attend a show you are preparing for success. But attending the event does not guarantee success. Be sure you set some goals for yourself, such as finding one to three new ideas that you will implement when you return to work.

Getting away from your everyday business environment for a few days can be one of the most rewarding and refreshing experiences one can encounter. It can make you more proficient when your return, and importantly, better help you appreciate what you don’t know. Better understanding what you don’t know will make you more receptive to seeking and accepting information from experienced professionals who can help you solve your business challenges.