Pharmacy Management Consultants - Understanding the regulatory environment
Pharmacy Management Consultants - We help in all forms of pharmacy regulations
Pharmacy Management Consultants - Leaders in navigating pharmacy regulations

Understanding the regulatory environment and your obligations can be daunting. Pharmacy is regulated at the state level, so requirements can vary from state to state. Federal agencies such as CMS, DEA, FDA, and OIG all have regulations that impact manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, other suppliers, pharmacists, and pharmacies. There are entities which have their own unique set of guidelines and qualifications for accreditation. If you are a single licensee or a large business we can help you better understand the myriad of regulations, qualifications, and your professional obligations with the following:

  • accreditation
  • compliance
  • disciplinary actions
  • inspections
  • licensure
  • mitigations
  • monitoring
  • oversight
  • security
  • waivers