VAWD Accreditation Benefits

Understandably, OptumRx’s decision in August 2016 to only accept billed claims for products purchased from a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) prompted mixed reactions. It caused pharmacies to question their suppliers, and consequently, forced many wholesalers and distributors to make some tough decisions.
One of our healthcare clients who was grappling with the OptumRx decision last August recently completed NABP’s VAWD accreditation process. They found the experience to be very valuable, and said they were glad that they opted to seek VAWD accreditation.
Why? Now they are a more engaged stakeholder in the drug supply chain. It has raised their awareness about contaminated, diverted, or counterfeited drugs. They strengthened the education and training of their employees. They implemented quality standards that have improved the culture within their company. They have a much better comprehension and appreciation of their role in helping protect the public. They are proud of the role they play in the supply chain ecosystem, and the enhanced value they are providing their customers. They also came to realize that VAWD accreditation through NABP complements the Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA/DSCSA).
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